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Lisa Brenes   lisa_usher@hotmail.com
03-15-2021 7:51:38 PM CST

So excited to show my beautiful Peaches this week. Alisha has been so supportive and helpful through the whole process. Her advice will surely help us be more competitive! I only wish I could have another Willow Creek puppy ♥️

Chantel   chantelbeam@gmail.com
10-17-2020 2:31:39 AM CST

My little Powderpuff guy is so perfect! So grateful for the addition to my life in such a wild time! Within days he picked up tricks and people are as impressed with his brains/behavior as his looks. People are always stopping me to say how beautiful of a puppy he is. He is calm and so loving and affectionate - I can’t stop cuddling this puppy (and he can’t stop giving me kisses ;] ) He’s very healthy and growing into a dream dog.

Tamera Pedersen   Tamera_pedersen@hotmail.com
09-30-2020 1:56:51 AM CST


Tamera Pedersen
09-30-2020 1:53:18 AM CST

I am in LOVE! Our little fur baby, Koda, is by far one of the sweetest puppies we have ever had! From day one he adjusted well to our family with his playful, outgoing, 'confident' personality. I have to believe a big part of his great disposition was his environment the first 9 weeks of his life. Alisha has been great to work with, very knowledgeable, and clearly loves her 4 legged family members.

Crystal   Cutie2157@msn.com
09-23-2020 3:31:42 PM CST

Alisha has been absolutely amazing to work with. The puppy we got from her has been a true addition to our family. I have always been able to contact her about any questions I may have and get prompt and knowledgeable responses. I would highly recommend her if you are in search of a new fur baby!

Lisa Brenes   lisa_usher@hotmail.com
09-22-2020 12:29:19 PM CST

I have been so pleased and impressed with my experience with Alisha. She has been so supportive and shared advice, answers questions, etc. within minutes of my text messages. I am beyond thrilled with my sweet pup Peaches. She is confident, brave, we’ll socialized and has never had a health or behavioral issue since I picked her up at 8 weeks old. I credit Alisha and the quality of her breeding and early stages of her puppies lives. If you’re considering a Chinese Crested puppy I would highly recommend Willow Creek Cresteds. You’ll not find a better breeder or puppy.