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Welcome to Willow Creek Chinese Cresteds!

Our goal here at Willow Creek is to produce beautiful, high quality, very healthy cresteds with amazing temperaments. I will go through each goal and how we will meet those goals. 

Our first and most important goal is to produce puppies that are as healthy as possible who will live a long healthy life.

To ensure we are not producing genetic conditions we health test all of our dogs. They first are dna tested through Embark which tests for over 150 genetic conditions including many that are common in the Chinese crested breed (PRA, PLL, PCL, PNA)

Next we get our dogs knees and hearts OFA tested and certified. 

This is all done prior to any of our dogs breeding. 

Once our puppies are born they undergo Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).

ENS is tested and proven to improve heart health, and cardiovascular health for the remainder of the puppies lives.

The puppies are kept up to date on vaccines and deworming. Their area is always kept clean.


Our next very important goal is to produce puppies with the best possible temperaments. 

Temperaments are extremely important to us. We start off by doing ENS when the puppies are 3 days old. Where therapy, service, police, and military dogs are raised they use ENS.

ENS not only has amazing health benefits it also helps them emotionally. Puppies that undergo ENS are a lot less anxious as adults, they are easier to train and stressful situations don’t affect them as much. They have more confidence and just all around have a better adjustment to change. 

Our puppies are also very well socialized with my 6 children ages 0-13. They get held and snuggled several times a day. They are raised inside our living area so they can become accustomed to normal household noises and commotion.

We have them grass pad trained before they leave. 

We have hairless cats that they are also very well socialized with.

Our puppies love to be held and are full of confidence, they are easy to train and love to please their families.
Our parent dogs are extremely easy to train very smart fun playful and easy going. I have several of my adult dogs AKC trick titled to show that they have very trainable temperaments. I also have them titled because they and I truly love spending one on one time with each other. My dogs get so excited for training time. 


Another important goal is to produce high quality gorgeous pups.

All of our parent dogs are from beautiful show lines. Every single one of our dogs have champion blood lines and are of breed standard. I love the looks of our parent dogs! Every one of them are completely stunning and definitely pass that on to their puppies. 


Our last goal but definitely not least is customer satisfaction and support for the life of our babies. 

We are always willing to take our dogs/pups back. We do not want any of our puppies to end up in shelters. We also stand behind our dogs with a lifetime guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason at all please contact me so we can try our best to make things right. 

We are here to answer any questions for the life of your baby and beyond. We will send care information with you to make sure these babies are getting the best care possible. We are also here for any of our babies if their families need a place to board their pup while they go out of town, we would love to play with them for a few days while you’re gone. 





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